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The start of every journey begins with the first step.  Life is a journey and we try to focus on the right steps to get us to the greatest destination of all.  So take that step, that leap of faith and join us on your Journey at Fountain City United Methodist Church.

The contemporary service is held each Sunday morning and is led by Reverend Dr. Kristen Burkhart.  We discuss challenges, successes, and life's ups and downs both in biblical context and in our everyday journey of life.  Come walk with us.

October 4, 2020

September 20, 2020

September 6, 2020

September 6, 2020 (traditional)

August 23, 2020

August 23, 2020 (traditional)

August 2, 2020

July 19, 2020

June 28, 2020

June 21, 2020

May 3, 2020

April 26, 2020

April 19, 2020

March 22, 2020

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