I was not born a United Methodist
February 6, 2019, 2:00 PM

I was not born a United Methodist. I was baptized in the Presbyterian Church by a female minister, and I carry her name as my middle name, Ann. My father was born and bred in the Catholic faith. My mother was a Scotch Irish Protestant. I remember visiting lots of churches, I even embarrassed my parents when we were walking into one church by asking what kind this one was. When I was approaching what would be my first communion in the Catholic Church, my parents were discerning between raising us kids in the Catholic faith or joining the Methodists. My father studied all he could gather about the history of United Methodist, he had pastoral mentors in the large church that answered question after question, and my mother well she prayed. One day when we were at worship in the Methodist Church at the end of the service my Father stood up convicted (all I remember was it seemed bright that day brighter than I can ever remember it being inside a church) and started to walk to the front of the church, my mother turned and grabbed both us kids and followed suit. 

So what??? So why does this matter.... I was not born Methodist. The method that guided John Wesley (he did not intend to create a separate church from his origin) guided my family and brought two different views into one concept of service and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It united two faiths into one family. I was not born United Methodist,but it united my family and in years to come provided a place for my gifts to be of service uniting my love of Jesus and desire to spread the gospel news of his great love. So what??? So why does this matter.... What moved my father that day to leave what he knew and to for a time be disowned by his Catholic family.... What moved my mother to grab her children and head to the alter and to later bear the burdens of service and hurt and pain of two pastors in the family.... The light, The HOLY SPIRIT, the advocate, the wind, the fire ..... I was not born a United Methodist. So what??? So why does this matter.... The Method we follow matters, it’s part of what unites us and the Holy Spirit’s movement (if we continue to seek it, search for it, remain in worship and prayer) will guide us to once again be United Methodist... that is what united me to the Methodist and I believe that is what can United the Methodists. 

Come Spirit Come...